Amazon SEO Services

Over the past few years, Amazon continues to become synonymous to online shopping. This online souk hosts approximately 2.5 million sellers of whom 25,000 have a sales figure of more than $1 million. While 66% of these top 10,000 sellers bank on FBA services, we, at the FBA Copywriter, continue to strengthen our trustworthy status.

At present, 15,000+ sellers bank upon our services. The statistics relating to their increased sales figures speak volumes about our expertise. Our services are earmarked by the greater focus on brand awareness, lower conversion rates, and an in-house team of experts in Amazon SEO services.

At the FBA Copywriter, our years of experience with this genre-specific content copywriting have taught us the understanding of the targeted Amazon customer. While the objective is to get your Amazon product listing to #1, the target is to aim for high converting  sales.

This requires –

  • Persuasive content
  • Identifying your target audience’s requirements and expectation
  • Convincing that your product is the one-stop solution

Amazon’s online market – A Thriving Opportunity

Amazon, the biggest online shopping platform, has been showing signs of the power-law distribution. In accordance with this, a considerable portion of its sales is generated by a handful of sellers.

Recognizing this opportunity that Amazon generates, at the FBA Copywriter, we offer our clients with content for a product listing that is sure to maximize their profits. With such resources to optimize your online store, a visible transformation in the revenue generation is afloat.

Therefore, with our Amazon SEO Product Listing Copywriting and Optimisation Services, you can stay well within the competition among your business rivals and with proper Amazon SEO services and optimisation, sail past them!

Much like the entire digital platform, the key here is proper optimisation. However, a major hurdle here is the constant updates in Amazon’s customised algorithm and the intricacies of the same.

Heard about Amazon’s A9 algorithm?

Let’s say that it is this online marketplace’s Bible! Sans an in-depth knowledge about this algorithm, shooting straight up to the first 3 in Amazon’s product listing is a far-fetched dream.

Here’s where, we, at the FBA Copywriter, prove to be useful. Our team of experts who are adept at handling the complicity of these algorithms also offer you with a host of other benefits. Our Amazon SEO services comprise –

  • Planning on the step-by-step approach that is tailor-made for each client.
  • An offering of packages as per the merchandise.
  • Proceeding with listing optimization on completion.
  • Complete transparency about the status of the project.

Such a buffet of services at affordably priced packages – that is what the FBA Copywriter offers to the B2B clients of Amazon.  Additionally, our team believes in a disciplined approach to optimizing the product listing, such that, each step is sure-fire progress to increase the visibility of your listing.

Handling Steps to Optimize your Amazon Listing

With us, at the FBA Copywriter, you can look forward to a meticulous methodology of progress into optimization as per Amazon SEO services. Such an approach comprises diverse steps that are categorized as per the requirement of sellers –

Step 1: The Setup stage

While sellers are well aware of the merchandise that they want to launch, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the end-users acknowledge the same. Our dedicated Amazon marketing specialists accompany you in every step of product optimization.

With one-on-one working and planning based on data-driven Amazon SEO strategy, our offerings in the Amazon SEO services are one to count on.

Herein starts the first step of the arrangement, the introduction of the seller to the All-Pervasive shopping platform – Amazon.

  • Seller account – The account of the seller, is set and his/her products are entered. It is followed by an organized set up of the inbound shipping plan. With such pre- and post-sale preparation, you, as a seller, are entirely prepared to start selling your products.
  • Seller brand – Your brand is registered with Amazon. It makes you eligible for A+ branded content, and subsequently, this trademarked merchandise is secured.

Step 2: Account auditing

Our team involved in providing Amazon SEO services 

  • Checks up on your existing account
  • Provides feedback on your account
  • Suggests a strategy to boost your ranking
  • Offers ideas on keywords based on the genre of product
  • Optimizes your current product listing and updates the categorization of the same.

With such in-details analysis of your existing product listing, there is an opportunity to escalate the visibility of your products based on the category under which they have been sorted.

Step 3: Our research work

Following a proper optimization of the current product listing, our team of experts now gets into research work to ensure proficient dealing with Amazon SEO services.

  • Competitor – At FBA Copywriter, we believe in offering services that are customized as per your genres of trade. Thus, we tend to look into the tricks and USPs adopted by your competitors.

It offers us an insight into their Amazon ranking strategy. We not only improvise on the same but delve into imbibing innovative strategies that catch the interest of your potential customers and give you the needed edge over your competitors.

  • Amazon review – Statistics show that approximately 95% of shoppers go on to read the online review of a product before buying one, we focus on the same. Subsequently, our expert crew is on-board with ensuring that you sail past the ‘no-review’ threshold with your globally acclaimed strategies.

There goes a 100% boost to get your product favored by a majority!

Step 4: Aiming optimization

Our offered buffet of optimization covers diverse topics that are inclusive of, but not restricted to –

  • Keyword – With the onset of Voice Search Optimization, and increased sale of smart speakers, the importance of appropriate keyword optimization is now more than ever. It includes the utmost priority being given to high volume keywords that are relevant to the product in this discussion.

While our keyword specialists look into the genre-specific keywords, our pro-tools look into ones that have higher search volumes. And then, the trade secrets follow…

  • Amazon listing – With unique product descriptions that are at per the requirements of the Amazon SEO services, accompanied by aptly framed titles, your Amazon listing stands apart from that of your competitors.

It is followed by the addition and inclusion of high-quality photos and videos that lend in the required clarity and credibility regarding product quality.

Step 5: Advertising Amazon-centred PPC services

Our genre-specific crew includes the advertisement and marketing mavens. With their years of being in the field, they are well versed in the strategies that help sellers amplify their product sales online. It includes improving the performance of Amazon sponsored ads which fetches buyers from the fields of –

  • Social
  • Manual
  • Automatic


Step 6: Buy Box management

With the target being complete audience satisfaction and customizable services, the Amazon SEO services come with features like enabling prospective buyers to add on their favoured merchandise in their cart. It brings in the convenience of collective purchase and hence increase the tendency and leaning towards purchase of these products.

Amazon thus restricts the number of sellers who have such additional provisions. With the product listing and optimization from FBA Copywriter, you can be assured about your merchandise’s credibility and turn your brand’s. It undoubtedly promotes your stand as a preferred brand and increases your chances to be considered for the ‘buy box’ team.

Such detailed step-by-step evolution is sure to metamorphose your conversion rate. While this is reflective of our expertise in this genre of product listing and optimization, couple this up with our reiterating motto –

  • The right message in the
  • Right place at the
  • Right time

-to usher customers towards your merchandise.

Amazon Product Listing – the Perks and Tweaks

Keeping in line with updates from Google that promotes its security and enhances the quality of products and services broadcasted, Amazon too updates their SEO services. In this context, one particular algorithm that any Amazon product listing and optimization need to keep in mind is it A9 algorithm.

In this context, FBA Copywriter has the upper hand with a host of pro-algorithm crew who knows every nook and corner, tactics and strategies of this algorithm. Such in-depth knowledge makes it convenient to boost the listing ranking by meeting its requirements.

These tweaks and perks in SEO make it ideally essential to approach companies like FBA Copywriter that offers its Amazon SEO services in A9 algorithm. Its features include –

  • Title length – 50 to 200 characters
  • Product description – 2000 characters. Some products come with options to include extended listing inclusive of photos of products
  • Keywords – 250 characters of keywords in the back-end

Based on its algorithm, Amazon SEO services look into details like –

  • Listing quality
  • Title optimization
  • Search field terms
  • Bounce rates
  • Quality of seller’s account
  • Conversion rate
  • Key features in bullets
  • Level of inventory
  • Quality and number of a product review, etc.

Our specialty, at FBA Copywriter, lies in the fact that we take into account all of the above before framing a product description and listing or suggest changes in the existing ones. Our Amazon SEO services leave you with accelerated chances of increasing sales.

Our Amazon SEO Product Listing Copywriting and Optimization Services!

At the FBA Copywriter, our prime focus is to spike your organic rankings that would generate expected revenue. Our reliable Amazon SEO services are the way forward considering our –

  • Expertise in SEO services across online platforms.
  • Persuasive writing pattern.
  • Optimizing product listing so that it is appealing to Amazon’s A9 algorithm.
  • Experience is tuning collated product search terms and embedding them.

While reaching out to us can boost your business turnover, it is sure to expand your trade outside the current local Amazon marketplace.