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Demolish your competition with a professional Amazon listing optimization for the

Amazon Marketplace

Join the most successful Amazon sellers? 

Be one of the 22,000+ satisfied customers who are now enjoying increased sales,

lower conversion costs and greater brand awareness.

It’s All About Getting Ahead of the Competition

The #1 priority is to capture the Amazon shopper’s attention and set apart your product/brand from the competition.

Hitting your customers with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

My Amazon product listing optimization is the most powerful and persuasive writing to catch the attention of your potential customers and convince them that your product/brand is the right one for them.

A product listing written by the FBA Copywriter can go a long way to improving your Amazon sales, increasing your conversions and ultimately maximizing your profits!

Already Selling on Amazon or Just Starting Out?

Are you finding it difficult to get or increase sales as an Amazon Seller?

You have probably invested a serious amount of money in stock – yet it is going nowhere or moving a lot slower than you’d like?

If you are just starting out, I can help you go from initial start-up to operating an international Amazon business!

Leave Your Product Listing to the FBA Copywriter – the Amazon Expert

Writing great copy that is appealing to the customer is only half the task. The other half is appealing to Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

Amazon’s search engine algorithm — the A9 is a complex mechanism, that if you get it right, makes the Amazon search box display your products over others.

I have spent years fine tuning the way I collate product search terms and embed them in your product listing along with specific keywords.

The Average Industry Price for a Amazon Product Listing Researching & Writing Is $380

The FBA Copywriter price is $249

However due to this Covid-19 crisis – TODAY is only $199

Price is for either a new product listing or re-write an existing product listing

What’s Included

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Intensive Competitor Research & Analysis

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Product Title – Highly Optimized Keyword Rich Title

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5 x Persuasive, Optimized & Descriptive Bullet Points

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Up to 2,000 Character Product Description (with HTML)

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Optimized for Amazon Organic Search & PPC Campaigns

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Back-end Keywords and Search Terms

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PPC Search Terms – Broad, Exact & Phrase (saves you hours of work)

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Optimized for Google organic Search (get sales from Google)

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Delivery Time – 5-10 Working Days


The FBA Copywriter is a division of CGO Media – Europe’s #1 SEO Agency.


Heart-warming testimonials from the most awesome people.

We have a history of achieving top results and top rankings for our clients. See what some of our past and present clients have had to say about the expert Amazon SEO and marketing services they received from the FBA Copywriter.

Josh Rubin
“It has been a pleasure working with the FBA Copywriter over the past several years. During this time, we have seen significant improvement in our rankings including a move from position 25 to position 1 for our primary key-phrase for a product listing. The FBA Copywriter has always been professional, helpful, and easily accessible and we recommend Roger and the team to anyone needing Amazon SEO services for their Amazon products”

“Our company utilized the FBA Copywriter to obtain product rank for one of our products and we were very pleased with the products rankings they got the brand. It was comprehensive, practical and was clearly indicative of the FBA Copywriter’s expertise in Amazon SEO services. We are appreciative of the level of service we received at very, very reasonable rates.


Sean Devine
The FBA Copywriter has helped us when it comes to our Amazon marketing campaigns. Over the past 2 years the FBA Copywriting team have continued to achieve great results for us using their Amazon SEO services packages. Their correspondence and feedback on Amazon search marketing and other search related services has been great during our time with them and we here continue moving forward into the next fiscal year.”


amazon faq

How does the FBA Copywriter know which keywords to include in my Amazon listing copy?

To find the optimal and relevant keywords for your product listing I correlate data from Amazon, Google and our own in-house data from over 22,000 product listings.

How does the ordering process work?

There is no need to send me product samples regarding your listing. Upon completing your order you will receive a questionnaire about your product. Please give me as much information as possible and if I need more information I will contact you.

Why don’t I just write my own product listing with any of the keyword tools on the market?

If building a great Amazon product listing was just about sticking keywords into product titles, bullet points and descriptions then anyone could do it… Yes?

But in reality the answer is No!

Amazon is a powerful complex product search engine that has it’s own A9 algorithm in it’s search criteria. It has taken me years to understand it. This is why I succeed where other companies fail. Not only will you get an industry leading product listing for Amazon but listing copy created as well for Google search. Just imagine your product page being found on Google search!

google ranking

Do you need access to my Amazon account?

No this is not necessary. Your completed Amazon listing optimization copy is provided in a PDF format and also as a text only file. Clients can copy and paste the content from the text file to their Amazon Seller Central account themselves. I send the listing copy both to your e mail account plus it is uploaded into your clients account at the FBA Copywriter.

Do I need a separate package for each product variation?

Usually the answer is no, however some variations of certain ASIN’s can be different. Please contact me at roger @ for variation-related questions.

How do I get the listing optimization on completion?

We send the listing copy both to your e mail account plus it is uploaded into your clients account at the FBA Copywriter. This will include a highly optimized keyword rich product title, up to 5 bullet points, a product description (including HTML) and any back-end search terms. I also provide PPC (pay per click) search terms for any Amazon advertising you wish to carry out.

From ordering – how long does it take?

Your Amazon listing optimization copy is sent to you between 5-10 business days after your order is processed. Please remember that it takes 5-10 days from once we receive all any extra information we have requested.

Please note: Uploading of the copy listing to Seller Central is not part of the process. Clients must copy and paste the provided content to their own account.