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Expert Amazon SEO Product Listing Copywriting and Optimization Service

Demolish your Amazon competition with professional seo listing copy

Get Ahead of the Competition

With Amazon hitting sales of $178 BILLION in 2017 and 2.4 BILLION MONTHLY VISITS the Amazon shopper has countless competitors products to choose from.

Your #1 priority is to capture the Amazon shoppers attention and set apart your product/brand in this heavily saturated marketplace.

Hit your customers with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

Our Amazon product listing optimization  is the most powerful and persuasive writing to catch the attention of your potential customers and convince them that your product/brand is the right one for them.

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A product listing written by the FBA Copywriter can go a long way to improving your Amazon sales, increasing your conversions and ultimately maximizing your profits!


Selling On Amazon?

Are you are finding it difficult to get or increase sales as an Amazon Seller?
You have probably invested a serious amount of money in stock – yet it is going nowhere or moving a lot slower than you’d like?

It’s time to make a decision on whether you want an Amazon product listing that gets results!

Leave Your Product Listing to the FBA Copywriter –  the Amazon Expert

Writing great copy that is appealing to the customer is only half the task. The other half is appealing to Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

Amazon’s search engine algorithm — the A9 is a complex mechanism, that if you get it right, makes the Amazon search box display your products over others.

Here at the FBA Copywriter we have spent years fine tuning the way we collate product search terms and embed them in your product listing along with specific keywords.

We focus ourselves to:

Optimizing content for Amazon SEO both organic and pay per click (PPC)
We have had years to learn what Amazon looks for in all types of product listings and use these findings to create Amazon copy that ticks every box in Amazon’s eyes.


What’s Included in the Price?

Main Product Title

The crowd puller of any product listing, you will receive a fully SEO optimized, keyword rich product title that contains excellent clear, concise copy that will draw your customers attention and meets your Amazon’s product title category character limit.

Bullet Points

Here we include your most important product features, variations, benefits etc – getting your message across in up to 5 major bullet points right under the title and the main product images and located before the product description. It is imperative these bullet points are to Amazons acceptable use policy with the right keyword density and highlighting the product features in a clear concise manner.

Product Description

Amazon product description writing will improve both your search rankings and conversions. Amazon isn’t the only search engine you have to think of. Your Amazon product page can easily show up in Google search results—if it’s properly optimized.

Not only do we optimize your product description for Amazon’s search engine but also for Google as well! Google looks very carefully at your product description when deciding whether to rank your page or not. This helps in getting sales on your Amazon product page from organic listings of your product page on Google and Bing search engines.

Backend Keywords

Many clients ask us about back-end keywords, as they do not understand how they work – let’s take a minute and give you a quick insight.

Products on Amazon show up only when the keywords in the product listing match with the search query that the user enters.

In a lot of cases, you are unable to add a particular keyword to your listing since it does match the description of your product. This is where the lesser-known Amazon Back-end Keywords comes into play.These are the hidden search terms that can be added to a product listing to increase its visibility in the rankings. These keywords are not seen by anyone visiting the product listing page – they are hidden in the backend. These keywords do count in for the search terms that you were unable to add on the page of the product listing copy.

You benefit from our unique approach to keyword research which provides high traffic, popular keywords and niche specific high converting keywords for your specific product.

Sponsored Products (PPC) Search Terms

We provide you with an extensive list of broad, phrase and exact product keywords that will generate traffic to your Amazon advertising campaign.

The best way to reduce your PPC costs is to bid on less popular or long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are those that have more than one or two words. They are usually more exact in intent than short head keywords with the cost being also less than short head keywords.

Our typical copywriting services include content for each of the above sections. Each content area has different Amazon guidelines and restrictions while serving distinct roles in educating consumers about your product and contributing to your Amazon search ranking. We exercise due diligence to carefully consider each section and create copy that serves that section’s unique role while contributing to the overall flow and cohesion of the listing.

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